Bethlehem—Helping Young People Excel

Ashten Tinker wants to be a singer. But if that doesn’t work out, the 14-year old wants to be a lawyer.

Edjuan Jemison, 11, wants to be a teacher.

They don’t mind school, not even the dreaded subject of math, and they are looking forward to going to college. But it didn’t use to be that way.

When members of Sawyerville’s Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church recognized more than three years ago that children in the church were suffering academically, they established a non-profit organization in order to begin an after-school tutorial program called Bethlehem—Helping Young People Excel (B-HYPE). With support from BBCF, children in the program are continuing to make better grades and most are on the honor roll in their respective schools.

The church recently completed a building that contains seven classrooms. B-HYPE President Samuel Jemison is continuously searching for donations to obtain internet service for B-HYPE.

The teachers are volunteers and they volunteer because it’s the right thing to do. B-HYPE is a group of concerned community residents who are devoted to making children better students in school.

Down a dark road off the beaten path in Sawyerville ( Hale County ), B-HYPE is “taking what they have to make what they need” to provide more opportunities for the children of their community. It is so encouraging to know that so much is going on in such a little place.

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