Officers from TAP Computer Training Center attended a Black Belt Community Foundation Grant Award Ceremony in Wallace Community College in Selma on Saturday, June 14.  BBCF granted TAP a $2,500 grant award to purchase 5 laptop computers for their facility; TAP Instructor searched the Web and found that the price of  the laptops decreased, and TAP purchased 9 laptops instead of 5.  TAP’s Mission is to provide computer education to individuals in need of training for continued employment, homework assistance, as well as senior citizens interested in basic computer literacy.   We used what we had to get what we wanted.



Name of People in Picture (from left to right):  At Table:  Adult Students in class session October 1, 2014, (the supporters and the reason TAP is available.):  Ruth Mack, Annie L. Parker, Maggie McCoy, Jeanette Johnson, Julia Smith:  Right side F to B:  Mary Ann Hendley, Callie Murray, Martha Jones and Richard Rogers.
Second picture:  ​L to R:  Annie Macy Haynes, Secretary, Catherine D. Hill, Instructor/Treasurer, Felicia Jones, BBCF Executive Director, and Alma Bristow, Assistant Instructor/Coordinator.
Phone: 334-529-4075