Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) has built a diverse coalition of low-income parents, social service agencies, and school districts to create a world-class Head Start program which provides early childhood education to students and families in Choctaw, Dallas, Marengo, and Wilcox counties. Our program helps the parents, and their children escape the cycle of poverty. BBCF Head Start promotes school readiness skills by utilizing the most effective and innovative curricula. A developmentally appropriate educational program for our children is composed of both concrete and abstract experiences providing knowledge of themselves and the world around them. Parents are involved throughout the program by volunteering with activities, serving on policy council and parent boards, participating in trainings and workshops that help the family structure to become more stabilized. We include the males in our fatherhood initiative to provide a strong family structure. We embrace our service to the children and families because we are enabling them to succeed not just today but for a lifetime.


Every day we assist families in gaining resources, ensuring that our youngest children have a solid foundation for life. Children need to develop skills that enable them to be socially competent, intelligent, and self-assured individuals. BBCF Head Start is the one early childhood education organization that meets the total needs of each child, thereby ensuring that every child will have the same opportunity as his or her more advantaged peers to succeed in school and life. Our goals and objectives address the needs and demographics of families, promote the highest level of services possible, are culturally sensitive, and ensure that families and children leave Head Start with the desire to be lifelong learners and achievers.