A Transformed Black Belt

Our vision is of a transformed Black Belt where all of our residents contribute to healthy communities and reap the benefits of our shared gifts and a productive regional economy.


We seek to consolidate many region-wide improvement efforts into a common effort with this mission: “To forge a collective stream of giving from the community and other sources so we the people of the Black Belt, can enhance our continuing efforts to lift ourselves by taking what we have to make what we need.”

Alabama ‘s Black Belt stretches across the middle of the state from Mississippi almost to the Georgia line. Rich in human, religious, geographic and political diversity, the Black Belt got its name from the region’s rich, dark soil. It is also home to the highest percentage of African Americans in Alabama .


Into this setting comes the Black Belt Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting community efforts that contribute to the strength, innovation and success of the region.

The Foundation serves as a partner in philanthropy, making it possible for individuals, families and organizations to give back to the community in many ways, for example creating a personal fund, participating in a professionally managed fund, serving as a volunteer and in many other ways.


Our principles are honesty, diversity and courage in the stewardship of charitable resources. We value the strengths of pluralistic communities where economic, racial and social justice are practiced in a spirit of trust and sincerity.


We value relationships and connections that protect and perpetuate these values. Join with us in “taking what we have to make what we need.”