Celebrate Freedom - Happy 4th of July - Work to Preserve It

Letter from the President: Celebrate Freedom and Work to Preserve It

We believe every child should have access to a high-quality education that prepares them to be independent thinkers, engaged citizens and successful adults. To achieve this vision, it is critical to continue to improve access to post-secondary education — especially for students who face barriers.

Here in the Black Belt, those barriers are everywhere — the result of centuries-old racist systems that were purposely designed to disadvantage our community.

Unfortunately, this week’s decision by the Supreme Court to limit affirmative action in higher education is a step backwards for efforts to reduce these historic inequities — and for creating equitable opportunities for many students in our community.

We fear that this week’s decision will reverse decades of important gains. But we will not be deterred. Black Belt Community Foundation will continue our important work to promote educational opportunity and racial equity — and to ensure that everyone who grows up in our region can pursue their dreams.

At the same time we are processing this setback from our Supreme Court we are thankful for the progress made in the decision forcing the state of Alabama to more equitably address voting districts. We are happy to share with you our most recent edition of the Black Belt Bulletin on this subject.

Celebrate Freedom and Continue to Work Hard to Maintain It!

Felecia Lucky,