Proclamation by the Governor of Alabama

Proclamation by the Governor: May 1st is BBCF Day!

In honor of the BBCF’s 20th Anniversary, Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, has declared May 1, 2024 as Black Belt Community Foundation Day. 

WHEREAS, the Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) has been a vital philanthropic organization serving the Black Belt Region and contributing to Alabama for two decades; and 

WHEREAS, honoring organizations like BBCF whose tenacity has weathered economic recessions, natural disasters and the pandemic, all while continuing to grow in service to the communities they serve, bespeaks to the resilience and hand work ethic of Alabama’s Black Belt and Alabama as a whole; and

WHEREAS, founded in 2004, BBCF represents the vision of communities and their citizens who seek to transform the areas of economic development, health and wellness, education, arts and culture while building capacity for the communities served; and

WHEREAS, BBCF has been a leader in several “Alabama firsts’ such as spearheading the 2020 United States Census outreach with record participation results for the Black Belt; and 

WHEREAS, in the moments of Black Belt communities’ most dire need such as the aftermath of the tornado tragedy of January 12, 2023, BBCF was key in raising millions of dollars of direct funding and humanitarian aid for communities across the region; and

WHEREAS, for two decades, BBCF has granted millions of dollars across the region to support the good works of community organizations working to transform their communities; and

WHEREAS, BBCF is celebrating 2024 as their 20th anniversary as an organization with the grand opening and ribbon cutting of their new office headquarters located at 410 Church Street in Selma, Alabama. The rehabilitation of the property is a further symbol and example of their solid faith and investment in their community; 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2024, as Black Belt Community Foundation Day in the state of Alabama.